Eye Floaters : Causes and Treatment

Eye Floaters, flashes : symptoms, causes and treatment




What are symptoms eye floaters?

Eye floaters are usually reported as small floating shadows (like a mosquito or fly) that continuously keeps coming and going out of the field of vision. This phenomenon is particularly seen in bright background or staring at long distances. Even if one tries to hold them back or keep them still they continuously move in random directions (most commonly opposite to line of sight.

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What are the causes of eye floaters?

Eye floaters are most commonly due to vitreous degeneration. Vitreous is a gel like substance that fill the eyeball behind the natural lens. Sometimes this vitreous gel starts to liquefy and the small non liquid gel particles start floating in these liquid areas giving rise to floaters. Most common cause the natural degeneration giving rise to posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) leading to a ring like floater called Weiss ring. Other causes like Inflammation, vitreous hemorrhage or Retinal detachment can lead to floaters. One can also perceive flashes when the retina gets irritated.

Should I be worried if I see Eye floater(s)?

It’s advisable to meet the ophthalmologist so that he can take in detail to ascertain cause of floaters. Most commonly it is because of PVD as described earlier, and does not require any treatment. But if the floaters are due to Hemorrhage or Retinal detachment appropriate treatment is recommended at the earliest.

I see floating things after cataract surgery, though my vision is perfect?

Floaters are relatively common after undergoing cataract surgery. Increased clarity of vision and Post Vitreous detachment leads to early detection. Its advisable to get detailed retina evaluation done once you start to perceive floater/floaters.


To conclude, Eye floaters are very common and most of the time don’t cause any harm and don’t require any treatment. On the other hand one should get examined by an ophthalmologist to rule out serious but treatable causes so that appropriate treatment can be started immediately.