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Dr. Vishal Arora

M.D. Ophthalmology (AIIMS, New Delhi)
FCRS (Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore)


Cataract and LASIK specialist
Consultant Eye Surgeon

Dr. Anshum Aneja Arora

D.T.C.D., D.N.B. Respiratory Diseases (Gold Medalist)


Pulmonologist and Sleep Specialist
Consultant Chest Physician
Dr Vishal Arora is a consultant Ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist) who is a postgraduate from the Best medical institute of India, AIIMS (New Delhi) ) and comes to Aro Health with years of experience in
Dr. Anshum Aneja Arora is a qualified , board certified Pulmonologist (Chest specialist) in Gurgaon. Dr Anshum completed her D.T.C.D and D.N.B in the field of Respiratory Diseases. Dr Anshum has been
  • Very nice doctor she (Dr Anshum) explain everything properly and in detail. the medication was also perfect
    Mridul 84
  • Dr. Arora (Dr. Anshum) was very patient to listen to the problem before suggesting the treatment.
    Kshitij Kohli
  • It was great. He (Dr Vishal) was genuine n explained the doubts n prescription.
    Surya Agnihotri
  • Very nice experience. Hears patiently and examines carefully. Unlike so many others who know what to prescribe just from the looks of the patient.
    Akshat Vaid
  • My Experience with Dr Vishal was Excellent. He is very experienced and explained us very well. He guided us very well. Very Satisfied.
    Savreen Kaur
  • Very approachable (Dr Vishal). Explains in detail and tries to make sure u understand the problem and his diagnosis.
    Sushmitha Krishnan
  • She (Dr. Anshum) is very patient in listening to the patient’s queries. Gives full time to a person's query. We accept a doctor to listen to us because he/she is the only one who can give a solution to our doubts. Good to meet her.
    Ankur Verma
  • Nice doctor. Visited to consult about Lasik surgery and he Listened to each and every doubt and cleared all the doubts. Dr. (Vishal) Was not in rush and gave plenty of time for checkup.
  • Dr. Arora (Dr Vishal) is extremely compassionate to start with, which I consider as the most important part of being a good doctor. He is thorough with his questions and suggests remedies even beyond medical journals. He does not just write prescriptions but advises complete cure.
    Ashish Maitra
  • My experience was very good. The best thing was the doctor (Dr Anshum) was not in a hurry and gave sufficient amount of time required to discuss the problem and explain everything. Usually, it doesn't happen this way with most of the doctors
    Rahul Prasad
  • It was really good. He (Dr Vishal)  thoroughly examined my eyes and explained the root cause of my eye problem and gave me mental comfort.
    Debashish Majhee
  • Doctor Anshum is a really nice calm lady.. Explains very nicely and understands everything with patience.. It was really nice meeting her as she has attended me very well. She was not in hurry at all.. She attended me on my appointed time which was really helpful for me. I would recommend her to everyone who is looking for a good doctor
    Monica Sharma
  • It was a personal touch while eye testing. (Dr Vishal) carefilly checked my eyes and prescribed the medicines with great attention.No mobile calls while treatment
    Sheela Bajaj
  • Doctor (Dr Anshum)is a keen listener and thorough in her approach.....My wife is much much better after her treatment 
    Manoj Singh
  • I am satisfied with the prescriptions and the way doctor diagnose. I would recommend this doctor (Dr Vishal)
    Sonali Sareen
  • He (Dr Vishal) is very professional and confident doctor. He knows his job well! Was quite courteous too. I highly recommend him
    Sanna Rehman Tiwari